Yunke (also name as MT-VIKI) was established. Begin to OEM for major well-known brands, and cooperated with excellent brands, which has established MT-VIKI belief in high requirements for product quality.


The stable foundry business has allowed our MT-VIKI team to accumulate rich experience in product design and quality control in the field of digital accessories, and the products have won widespread recognition in the market.

Year 2014

The MT-VIKI brand was formally established, and quickly opened the domestic offline market with product quality and beautiful appearance design.


  MT-VIKI"s outstanding performance in offline sales greatly boosted our morale. In the same year, Yunke entered the Tmall platform. Both online and offline began to exert strength at the same time.


 Entering mainstream domestic e-commerce platforms such as JD.com and Amazon quickly won the trust of users. So far, the online has begun to roll out in full.


 On the basis of continuously increasing investment in design and R&D, MT-VIKI continues to enrich the product line around user needs: expand the design and production of mobile charging, Apple peripherals, safety power strips, vehicle peripherals, and computer peripheral products, and develop well online At the same time, it has increased the layout of traditional offline distribution channels, with distributors in major provinces and cities across the country, forming a multi-channel online and offline user coverage.


 MT-VIKI began to deepen its category, further optimize product structure and improve product quality.

  2019 year

 MT-VIKI will continue to develop new products, continue to upgrade existing products, and win the support of more users. At the same time, the process of brand internationalization will be increased.